Meet Janette

30 years ago I began my journey into wellbeing by starting Nurse training. I soon changed my focus to holistic health and become a Personal Fitness and Lifestyle Coach. I also taught Exercise Science and Motivation at local colleges and within organisations - such as Avro. From 2001 to the present time - I have  worked  as a Wellbeing Therapist, Coach and Mentor on a one to one basis, as well as with groups on the subjects of wellbeing in education (how do you learn holistically, rather than just through the intellect alone).  I trained as a Dr Hauschka Esthetician and was Accredited in 2006 by 'Elysia for  Dr Hauschka UK' where I went on to be employed as Consultant Education Advisor.

I am currently undertaking a 'Schools Health Professional Training' course, that will permit me to advise on, and be a bridge between, Education & Health for school children.

Below is my starting place for all my work, how I orientate myself in my work and the stage upon which we can work together. Whether one to one or in a group; whether on the subject of Your Self or Your World.

We are marked by the questions we ask and the language we use. The work I do and the courses I present are premised on a different set of questions and a different kind of language.

How can we get connected to what is alive in others’ processes? How can we develop respect for what is in the state of becoming in a person, in a group, in an organisation? How can we become an organ of perception? How can we develop our faculties for really seeing? How can we willingly develop a state of “not knowing”, or intentional silence that enables us to learn? How can we develop the capacity of describing a situation in a way that helps the situation’s essential dynamics to be revealed? How can we centre ourselves enough to help without getting caught up in projections that derail our awareness?

Reference: Crossfields Institute

I will invite you to see the relationship BETWEEN things. In my experience, this creates True memory, which in its turn engenders the capacity to see multiple perspectives simultaneously. This, is an expression of Systems Thinking - crucial for The Circular Economy.